you know when you have such a burning dislike for a certain character like the level of dislike you have for them is so high and seeing them makes you feel annoyed and you try to ignore it and move on because they are just a fictional character and how strongly you dislike them feels ridiculous because you know they aren’t real but then you see their face or hear about them again and it’s just like


there you are

fuck off

  • *Emma holds Regina's heart in her hands*
  • Emma: it's beautiful.
  • Regina: Most would say battered.
  • Emma: Then they're wrong.
  • Regina: Emma it's damaged. It's been broken and hurt and scarred by my past.
  • Emma: I know but it's yours and to me that makes it beautiful. I don't care that it's not perfect. All I care about is that it's in your chest where it belongs.
  • *She slides the heart back into Regina's chest.*