04. So does this make us both the other woman? by: scullysummers

She shivers in the night air and doesn’t move her hand from Emma’s face or her lips from hers or from the way their noses bump against each other, her eyes drifting closed and her heart pounding in her chest like it’s finally been set free. 

Aren’t you tired of breaking things?

And they’re shattering now, every moment connected another moment where the world around them is going to have to pay for this. Where they’re running from where they belong and coming together, heedless of the pain that they’re about to inflict on others. No. This isn’t Emma’s problem, with her smug pirate convinced that she’ll find her way back to him. This is all Regina, breaking bonds and hurting the people she loves. Hurting Emma, all for a moment of weakness. 

She pulls back abruptly. Emma is flushed and wide-eyed and her lipstick is smeared all over the blonde’s mouth and she can’t stop staring, can’t stop yearning, but Tink was right and this is all doomed to failure. This looks like everything she’s dreamed of. This looks like the start to a disastrous story that’ll break them all.

I’m sorry,” she manages, meeting green eyes and biting down on the inside of her cheek with such force that she tastes blood. “This was a mistake.”

Emma stands up and swoops down, her lips crashing into Regina’s with so much power that her lips part and she grips Emma’s coat to yank her closer and this isn’t chaste at all. This isn’t careful at all. She’s gasping for breath and Emma refuses to give it to her, refuses to do anything but fuse their lips together again and again, but draw her tongue over Regina’s teeth and suck on her lower lip and bite and kiss and bite and kiss until Regina is dazed and her lips are swollen and she can’t remember how to move or talk or be good. 

Fuck you,” Emma says, breathing hard, and she turns and storms toward the street.